Client Testimonials



 I thought I had a good knowledge of healthy food and training my was eating "ok" or so I though turns No!.... Davie has given me the confidence to make better choices to achieve my fat loss goal.  my training has been fantastic with everything I could have asked for in my workout. Davie has answered any questions clearly concisely without jargon.  



I now have the knowledge to make better choose. I was not as interested in the workout side of things and more the nutritional part, I am happy to say I have lost over one and a half stone since initially starting mt journey (this was only 10-weeks) I have also continued after I stopped working to stay on track.



Terrified to head in to a gym on my own, However, since I started working with Davie over a year ago I soon got over my fear (nobody cared I was overweight or what I was doing).

I set myself a challenge to lose 9 lbs before my holiday I managed to lose 8 lbs. I also had a terrible fear of treadmills, recently I completed a half marathon I could not thank Davie enough for all his help even though I know I asked lots of questions



What I have achieved in ten weeks is , that to go into my weight management with confidence , the course has helped me gain , a worth while knowledge for me and , family , and any one who might , be struggling , a bit ,to just get on track ,,, and I’ve met three others with totally different struggles ,,, I’ve enjoyed every week ,, and got my brain engaged in to thinking about my self again taking the time out to think about where and what I want to achieve ,,, 



 I've increased my strength in all main lifts over 9 weeks with deadlifts going up 13% over this time. I have also got quicker through speed training, able to maintain a higher speed on the treadmill by the end of the program.

This training has helped my football fitness and general game play massively.

Currently on my second round of training.



 I took part in a 6 week challenge with davie from November until Christmas. This is normally a difficult time for me to stay focused with Christmas nights out etc but with the support and advice I was able to maintain a healthy diet and great exercise routine while continuing with social events. This resulted in my loosing 1 stone and 15.5 inches. I was really pleased with results and have defiantly learnt a lot.